Since 1975 Shorrock Automation has specialised in Process Control and Factory Automation. Shorrock Automation is a leading supplier of Industrial Networking Systems, Automation Systems and Services for the Process Industries, as well as Control Systems for General Industries.

CP electronics


Our wide range of PIR sensors and microwave presence detectors are designed to reduce the amount of time lighting is left on unnecessarily, for example if an area is unoccupied or if there is sufficient natural light.



The green-i range of switches are a stylish way to introduce energy saving controls into the home. Each switch blends great design and user-friendly technology to keep household running costs to a minimum.


Our range of HVAC controls are designed to reduce energy consumption when used in conjunction with heating and ventilation equipment. They are designed to be simple to install and easy to use thereby reducing costs and capital payback time.



Our Timers range consists of time lag switches, multi range timers and DIN rail switches which provide accurate timed control for lighting, heating and ventilation.



Light level controls provide a cost-effective and simple solution to energy saving. Our accurate and reliable photocells allow switching and maintained illuminance. They are suitable for use in internal and external applications. As the level of ambient light in a room increases, our light level controls can be used to either dim or turn off the lights.



Emergency lighting test switches provide a cost effective solution for the testing of emergency luminaires. It is a legal requirement that all emergency luminaires are tested on a regular basis to ensure they provide adequate escape illumination.



CP Electronics has three different types of lighting control systems, all are modular in nature and utilise simple connectivity making them very flexible and easy to install. The wide range of presence detectors, including PIR sensors and microwave sensors, in each system ensures optimum energy efficiency and user comfort. In addition, the systems meet all the legislative requirements now in place for new and existing buildings.



An-10 wireless technology allows you to install a fully featured lighting control system easily and with minimal disruption. An-10 has been specifically created to allow you to embrace the advantages of wireless technology, while at the same time offering all of the features and functionality demanded by modern day lighting control systems.